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Thanks for visiting!    I have tasted the colors of so many lives from all walks of life.  It all started way back during my dancing career appearing on local and national television, working with models, dancers, choreographers, celebrities, producers, directors, actors, etc.

The photographer in me was born shortly after hanging my dancing shoes up.

Today my plate is full of all sorts of creative opportunities.  From designing concepts for events to marketing along with photography assignments. I believe we were not blessed to be here to do just  one thing.  Reinvent yourself and allow yourself to live out your passions.

I am touched to have had so many sponsors who believe in me and my missions in what I do.

In this day and age, everyone is a photographer, model, etc.  What’s important is your purpose and the message you leave with each person.

I meet tons of fans wherever I go and It is my passion to encourage each person that cross my path to be real and always stand for what is right.  I have discovered that “people” are just people.  Celebrities to the bus driver.  There are no gender to me, we are all just spirits having human experiences.  The joy is when you are able to fall in love with “spirit” vs body.

Don’t let what you hear create the way you feel or the way you see life.   People will say what they want to anyway. Believe in yourself, be real and always keep your “pearls” close to your heart.   Live life with urgency, embrace it, celebrate it and never stand in the middle.

Once again, thank you for visiting and again always be real.

Sincerely, Russell Tanoue

Thank you all for an amazing “intimate” birthday celebration!


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Hi Honey, my name is Contesa A.Neptune I am a mother of 4 and a wife of a sailor. I am born and raised as a local and I would like to share with you something that has been on my heart since I found a riend in my life, going back before I met my friend, when I was little I always dreamed of being a model, getting glammed up and taking photos but being that I was raised with just my mother after my Dad left us (army life) we had little to no money to even put anything on the table or even a roof over our head.

I looked into Barbizon, too expensive, looked into Susan page, couldn’t make the payments either, they both were attractive but didn’t give me the satisfaction of what I been looking for or could even help me because they were so expensive.

Well, I heard of you, seen your work but could never afford anything with you either but what you carried and the work I seen you do is well worth every penny and I dreamed in my heart one day, one day I’ll get to meet you and be shot by you.  As the years went by I watched your work and seen how you carried yourself never ever seen you in person or ever met you but loved and adored everything you do and how you do it.  Then years went by,  I gave up on my dreams and started the ordinary life because I had to fend for myself and siblings.  Later I had kids started my family and carried on with settled life.

Till this past year as I sought my relationship with God-  he told me it’s time for me to pursue your dreams not knowing how, I took the leap of faith and went diving in and entered a pageant.  No experience at all whatsoever but I made it through walking blindly all the way with no support at all.

Then I met my friend in the pageant I entered, you had taken her ad page photos and I found you again, my dreams came alive again, 1) to meet you in person and 2) to do a photo shoot with you of myself as well as one with my family.

I wanted to send you this before hand to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being so amazing at what you do, for having the passion in your art which creates and enhance beauty in itself also I would like to thank God for blessing you for being a huge blessing in my life and setting that example. I am excited to finally after 20 plus years meet you in person as well as be in an actual shoot done by you. It is a long lost dream to come true for me.. Bless you … Russell Tanoue I cannot thank you enough…

RT: I’m just me, just like you.

Very  true but It has been well over 20 years I have been wanting to meet you.. Something that has been on my heart since I was a little girly!!  A dream I thought would never come true.

Some  people love music artist, actors and actresses, I love photography and Art!! I love your work…. Thank you again for having passion for what you do.. With love Contesa A. Neptune… Have an amazing day because you make it amazing!!

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  1. Sean on Saturday 15, 2009

    Love the new site!

  2. Charles Patigayon on Saturday 15, 2009

    Hi RT you are truly an inspiration to every person who seeks to be creative. Thank you for all your hard work and inspirations. I hope that one day I have the privilege to work with you on a project.

  3. B Hood on Saturday 15, 2009

    Mr. Tanoue, I’ve been watching your work from the other side of the room for years. Your a BMF. Looking forward to working with you soon.